TRADOM Brand Guidelines

TRADOM Brand Guidelines

These guidelines (regulations) have been established to protect and develop the TRADOM brand. Appropriate use of the logo in various productions and media to be created in the future will improve the quality of creative work and contribute to the development of the brand.

These are the guidelines for the use of the logo in English. If you wish to use the logo in Japanese, please refer to the link below.

【Japanese ver.】TRADOM Brand Guidelines

About the Logo

The TRADOM Logo consists of a logotype that is unique to TRADOM and will be referred to as the “Logo” when it is referred to hereafter. Please use the Logo in situations where the Logo data can be used to represent the TRADOM brand, primarily in external activities.

TRADOM Forex Solution

TRADOM Community

Community EN

About the Icon

The icons use the image of a paper airplane in the colors of TRADOM Forex Solution and TRADOM Community. This combination is also used as a favicon and mouse cursor on the site.

TRADOM Forex Solution

apple touch icon

TRADOM Community


Isolation Zones

Isolation zones are an important element in protecting the identity of your logo. By creating a margin around the logo, the logo maintains its independence from other design elements. No other elements should intrude into this area. In this logo, the height of the “T” in “TRADOM” on the logo should be “a” and the margins around the logo should be as specified below.

TRADOM Forex Solution

スクリーンショット 2023 07 26 2.33.37

TRADOM Community

スクリーンショット 2023 07 26 2.33.22

Minimum Size

The minimum size is specified to ensure that the logo is displayed beautifully. A clearly displayed logo has a significant impact on the brand image. The following values are the minimum size guidelines. The following values are defined based on the fact that the text on the logo cannot be misread by other characters on digital and paper. Since the visibility of printed materials can easily change depending on the paper and processing, please use the actual production unit to check the finished product as much as possible.

TRADOM Forex Solution

スクリーンショット 2023 07 26 1.09.13 3

TRADOM Community

スクリーンショット 2023 07 26 1.09.26 3

About the Minimum Size of Icons

The minimum size of the icon is based on the icon size of each platform. If there is a risk of reduced visibility depending on the application, please create an optimized design for each case.

Usage Rules

Logos serve their intended function when used correctly. Misuse of logos can damage the brand image. Please use the logo in accordance with the following rules of use.

スクリーンショット 2023 07 26 1.35.46

※1 It is prohibited to superimpose on a close tonal match.

※2 When overlapping close tonalities, the background should be black or white after securing the isolation area. If a black background is used, various logos (for black background) shall be used.

※3 Overlaying is allowed as long as the tone of the form is maintained for visibility.

※4 If the tone of the arrow-shaped figure and the background color are close, it is prohibited to overlap them.

In addition, changing the color of the logo, rotating/changing the angle, using rough resolution data, changing the ratio of height and width, decorating with a border, etc., and changing the font are all prohibited.

Settling on 2023.07.26